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O.21 Co-working is more than just an office with hot desks. This flexible working environment, located in the Historic Center of Rome, provides an executive helm from which to direct your company, get work done or finalize a project.


Whether you live in Rome or just passing through, this collaborative space represents an environment for you and your business to thrive in.


There are co-working spaces all over Rome… but none quite as dynamic as O.21. This is the perfect place for small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers.



Our seats

Our Seats

Executive seat

021 - 02_edited.jpg

O21 offers a limited number of spacious and beautiful Executive seats, with comfortable designer chairs, adjustable lighting, lockable pedestals, storage, laptop stand, keyboard and mouse.

Our executive desks are ideal for growing companies where one or two members of the team may need their own desk in Rome's city center.

Premium Seat

021 - 16_edited_edited.jpg

O21 offers a limited number of Premium seats with comfortable designer chairs, lockable pedestals and storage.


Our quality seats are ideal for the freelancer, or for you who has your own company and would like to have a professional office in Rome's city center as your base.

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