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High speed


High Speed Fibre Optic: 
Enjoy lightning fast fibre optic and LAN line connection for high speed internet navigation. We have set up a multi-provider system to ensure high speed internet access for everyone. And just in case one provider fails, high speed access is always insured by a second provider.

Refuel Station

Stay Fueled: 
Enjoy our kitchen, outfitted with a Nespresso Coffee maker, tea making facilities, a fridge to store your lunch and a dishwasher to get rid of any mess and clutter. Otherwise, feel free to come with us for lunch to one of the many amazing restaurants in the area. Or maybe just order in to stay fueled when you're to busy.

Projection window

Present with Style: 
Our projection window is an UHD 65" LCD Smart TV - fitted with a
Chrome Cast and a Bose
sound system to ensure you can view, present, and enjoy your work in style. The window can also be used for gaming, web conference or whatever else you come up with.. that's work related.
Consegiere .png


 Postal management: 
Your mail and parcels addressed to the office are always handled with care by our staff -
ensuring no matter when your post is delivered, it is signed for safely and delivered to you without hassle.*


Great Idéas:
The office environment has been created to bolster creativity and productivity. With ergonomic seats, adjustable lighting, projection windows and plants.


 Each workstation is equipped with power points to charge all electronics, ensuring you can charge everything conveniently without moving and sacrificing comfort and productivity. 
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